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Medical consultancy firm offering expert advisory services for informed healthcare decisions and comprehensive corporate health solutions.

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Dedicated to your well-being, our expert team of medical professionals provides personalized advisory, and guidance for informed choices in treatment, insurance, and overall healthcare management. With our renowned Medical Advisory, we offer expert insights and recommendations. Our comprehensive corporate health services include health risk assessments and occupational health solutions, ensuring a safer and healthier work environment. Trust our expertise for a healthier future.


Salu2 is a medical consultancy firm dedicated to cultivating a healthy and productive workforce for businesses of all sizes. We offer a comprehensive range of corporate health services.

Our experienced medical professionals offer personalized guidance to organizations on a wide range of healthcare issues, including general wellness, chronic disease management, mental health, and more.

Salu2’s health risk assessment service provides comprehensive evaluations that identify potential health risks and develop tailored strategies to minimize them. Our experts will work closely with your business to design targeted interventions that improve the health and well-being of your workforce. 

Our comprehensive occupational health services promote a safe and healthy workplace, ensuring regulatory compliance. Services include pre-employment medicals, drug testing, injury management, and more.

Optimize and streamline your organization’s health care policies and procedures with Salu2’s health care management services. Salu2 can help you identify areas of improvement and develop tailored solutions to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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